2018 CDP Redesign: End project Cycle Community Exit Meeting


Meherpur CDP (Community Development Project) is one of the GNB (Good Neighbors Bangladesh) project, selected for 2018 CDP Redesign [2nd phase]. They were starting their CDP Redesign work by End Project Evaluation from January 2018. 23 May 2018, they have completed their End Project Cycle Evaluation Exit meeting with the community. Main objectives of this meeting: CDP sector based officer shared their last 10 years’ activities achievement & how it helps to community development. Moreover, it was creating an opportunity to get feedback, suggestion, and recommendation for future planning of GNB and give thanks to the stakeholders for supporting in community development works of Meherpur CDP.

Feedback by community people:

Ayub Hossain, UP Chairman
  1. Ayub Hossain [UP Chairman, Bagoan Union] said___ “we are grateful to GNB for their dedicated service for the Socio-economic development of this community.”
  2. Anwarul Islam [Upazila Secondary Education Officer] said___ “. I would like to assure that we will try to support from our education department as needs. We hope GNB will continue their activities in Mujibnagar Upazila.”
Mostafiqur Rahman, Upazila Primary Education Officer
  1. Mostafiqur Rahman [Upazila Primary Education Officer] said___ “Pre-primary education is the root of all education. If we want to ensure quality education, we need to focus more on pre-primary education. Request to GNB, take more interventions for pre-primary education and try to cover all pre-primary schools under Mojibnagar Upazila.”
Md. Tajul Islam, Upazila Women Affairs Officer
  1. Md. Tajul Islam [Upazila Women Affairs Officer] said___ “It is praiseworthy that GNB has done a different kind of program for preventing child marriage, child right issue and women empowerment issue. I am really very happy to participate in different kinds of the program on child rights and woman empowerment issues. We hope GNB will continue their activities in Mujibnagar Upazila. We will support and cooperate always with GNB.
Dilip Mondol, UP Member
  1. Dilip Mondol [UP member] said___ “We all know that Good Neighbors are operating education program, health program, income generation program and child rights and women empowerment issues for the socio-economic development of this community. In the development of health sector, good neighbors are contributing much more especially for the child and maternity health. It is very much needed for socio-economic development of the community in future.
  2. Sabana Khatun [guardian] said___ “Through the health program, many children and women received health care service as a checkup, medicine support, financial support. The children and women have benefited from this program. Especially the CHW (Community Health Worker) activities motivated the women of the community in ensuring the maternity health care. We hope that Good Neighbors will take this kind of program in future.”
End Project Evaluation Group Picture

Next course of action:

Meherpur CDP started their Redesign for better development in community level for next five years. Community Exit meeting gives a brought view to understanding previous work result and community needs. Exit meeting outcomes will be given more emphasis in next five years’ CDP planning. Community needs and expectations will be reflected in CDP Redesign.                 Especially in Project Planning Workbook (PPW), Log Frame and Project Proposal Form (PPF). In addition, CDP will be done their baseline survey to set their target, to assess the progress towards the CDP goal and outcomes. After completing of redesign it will be helped CDPs their next phase of work.


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