GNB’s Humanitarian support for the Rohingyas

GNB Rohingya Responses

Violence in the Rakhine State of Myanmar began on 25 August 2017, had driven an estimated 7,20,00 Rohingya refugees across the border into Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh. The speed and scale of the influx have resulted in a critical humanitarian emergency. The people who have arrived in Bangladesh since 25 August came with very few possessions. They have used the majority of their savings on transportation and constructing a shelter, often out of no more than bamboo and thin plastic. They mostly reliant on humanitarian assistance for food, and other life-saving needs. In some of the sites that have spontaneously emerged, water and sanitation facilities are limited or of poor quality, with extremely high density raising the risks of an outbreak of disease. The Rohingya population in Cox’s Bazar is highly vulnerable, having fled conflict and experienced severe trauma, and now living in extremely difficult conditions.

Whenever humanity is in danger, Good Neighbors Bangladesh extended its corporations. Just like in Indonesia for Tsunami, Haiti, and Nepal for an earthquake, for Sidr in Bangladesh. Good Neighbors is committed to working for the distressed Rohingya children and women.

In order to provide relief assistance to those vulnerable groups, GNB has distributed emergency relief to 5690 Rohingyas into 4 phases in Ukhia and Teknaf Upazila (Sub-district) under Cox’s Bazar district. As most of the Rohingya displaced peoples have taken shelter in so, Good Neighbors Bangladesh gave attention to providing its assistance in those districts and particularly in Ukhia and Teknaf Upazila.

 # GNB phases of Distribution (Time and areas):

# of Donors Organization Date # of Rohingyas Response Areas
Good Neighbors Bangladesh 5 Oct 2017 200 Rohingyas Hakim para
Good Neighbors Bangladesh 10 Oct 2017 600 Rohingyas

*Planned was to cover 300 Rohingyas

Jamtoli Distribution point
Good Neighbors International 31st Oct 2017

1st Nov 2017

27th Dec 2017

*1000 Rohingya                            *1170 Rohingya                             *370 Rohingya 1st: Hakim Para

2nd:  Ghumdhum-3        3rd: Kutupalong-2

Good Neighbors Japan 18th Jan 2018 Total:2400                                    i)1200 Rohingya                            ii)1200 Rohingya 1st:  Kutupalong- 4   2nd: Ghumdhum-3

# GNB Distribution Materials:

Food Item Distribution:
Rice, Pulse, Salt, Suji, Sugar, Onion, Potato, Oil.

Non-Food Item Distribution:

Mosquito net, Pitcher, Glass, Plate, Body Soap, Bowl, Spoon, Nail cutter, Tent, Lighter, Candle, Blanket, Mat, Towel, Sanitary napkin, Laundry soap, Toothbrush, Tooth Paste, Warm cloth, Lungi, Sweater, Bucket & Mug (water pot).

# Upcoming Project:

This year again, GNB is going to implement another 6 months project “Rohingya Emergency Response” for the host community where GNI will support in building 3 Child-friendly space and 4 GBV space for the Rohingya women and children. This project will cover the most vulnerable child and women and make them empowered to cope up the hassles.


Source: DRR GNI report

Rohingya Project Coordinator


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