2018 CDP Redesign: End project Cycle Community Exit Meeting


Moulvibazar CDP (Community Development Project) is one of the GNB (Good Neighbors Bangladesh) project, selected for 2018 CDP Redesign [2nd phase]. They were starting their CDP Redesign work by End Project Evaluation from January 2018. 10 Jun 2018, they have completed their End Project Cycle Evaluation Exit meeting with the community. Main objectives of this meeting: CDP sector based officer shared their last 9 years’ (2009-2017) activities achievement & how it helps to community development. Moreover, it was creating an opportunity to get feedback, suggestion, and recommendation for future planning of GNB and give thanks to the stakeholders for supporting in community development works of Meherpur CDP.

Feedback by community people:

Sajjadadul Haque Shapown-Head Teacher Hoktiarkhula
  1. Sajdadul Haque Shawoan [Headmaster of Primary School] said___ “Good Neighbors Bangladesh is performing well through proving education and health materials and supporting to the poor student. They are providing treatment services to the sponsored child and their mother.”
  1. Joychandra Hazra [Assistant officer of primary education] said__ Moulvibazar state that Good Neighbors Bangladesh is working in all development sectors. They are promoting human rights and dignity in all aspects. They are ensuring sustainability for every people.”
  1. Mousumi Pal [Education coordinator] said__ “Good Neighbors Bangladesh is ensuring 100% performance in all activities. The AK Bangla School is carried outstanding result in academic examination. Their appointed teachers are most dedicated than another educational institute. Their teaching methodology is appreciable.”


Mousumi Pal_Upazila Education Academic Supervisor
  1. Marrion Begum [Community Health Worker] said__ “Through intervening CHW activities the child and pregnant mother their death case are reduced. In addition, this area all class people are now high awareness on the health issue. At now people are not interested in previous traditional treatment system and superstition.”
Suvashini Debi
  1. Sivashini Debi [Corporative member] Said__ “cooperative enlisted women are empowering in economically through CDP guided IG programs and collecting loan from cooperative. Now the women are now self-reliant and creating dignity in their society. Now they can give a decision for their family for any issue.”
Moriom Begum is giving thanks

Next course of action:

Moulvibazar CDP started their Redesign for better development in community level for next five years. Community Exit meeting gives a brought view to understanding previous work result and community needs. Exit meeting outcomes will be given more emphasis in next five years’ CDP planning. Community needs and expectations will be reflected in PPW (Project Planning Workbook), Log Frame & PPF (Project Planning Proposal). In addition, CDP will be done their baseline survey to set their target, to assess the progress towards the CDP goal and outcomes. After completing of redesign it will be helped CDPs their next phase of work.


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