2018 CDP Redesign: End project Cycle Community Exit Meeting



Kalai CDP (Community Development Project) is one of the GNB (Good Neighbors Bangladesh) project, selected for 2018 CDP Redesign [2nd phase]. They were starting their CDP Redesign work by End Project Evaluation from January, 2018. 11 June 2018, they have completed their End Project Cycle Evaluation Exit meeting with community. Main objectives of this meeting: CDP sector based officer shared their last 8 years’ activities achievement & how it’s help to community development. Moreover, it was creating an opportunity to get feedback, suggestion and recommendation for future planning of GNB and give thanks to the stakeholders for supporting in community development works of Meherpur CDP.

End Project Cycle Evaluation Community meeting-2018, Kalai CDP

Feedback by community people:

  1.  Md. Khurshed Alam [SMC (School Management Committee) chairman, Bakhra govt. Primary School] said___ “we are very grateful to GNB that our children are going to school with the support of GNB. The guardians are aware now about child marriage and child labor as a result child marriage and child labor is reducing day by day.”
  2. M A Samad [CPC (Child Protection Council) member] said___ “GNB, Kalai CDP has been working since 2010 and I have observed that the activities of Kalai CDP really working effectively to the beneficiaries. Children and mothers are being benefited that is why community is progressing.
    Ziaur Rahman Zia [ UP Chairman of Zindarpur Union]
  3. Ziaur Rahman Zia [ UP Chairman of Zindarpur Union] said___ “GNB is deserved to be thanked for their community development specially on child education, health and women development and empowerment that is why personally give thanks to GNB.”
  4. Sumaya Akter [Chairman of CRC] said___ “Thanks to GNB because child marriage, child labor and child rights such type of issues I have got to work.”
  5. A K M Rowson Alam [Youth Development Officer] said___ “I am very much pleased in knowing on women empowerment activities for sustainable development like IG Group works, individual works. The women are working well definitely.”  He requested that through GNB, Kalai CDP the local youth can take training from Jubo Unnyaon Kendro with free of cost.”

    A K M Rowson Alam [Youth Development Officer]

  6. Md. Rana Hamid [The teacher of Moheshpur Govt. Primary School] said___ “Plan of GNB is really very good where generally we can’t see in other NGOs in Joypurhat except Kalai Upazila that is GNB. Education, Health and Income Generation sectors are running effectively. We hope that in next period the community will get more support from GNB.”
Secondary Edu. Officer

Next course of action:

Kalai CDP started their CDP Redesign for better development in community level for next five years. Community Exit meeting give a brought view to understand previous work result and community needs. Exit meeting outcomes will be given more emphasis in next five years’ CDP planning. Community needs and expectations will be reflected in PPW (Project Planning Workbook), LogFrame & PPF (Project Planning Proposal). In addition, CDP will be done their baseline survey for set their target, to assess the progress towards the CDP goal and outcomes. After completing of redesign it will be helped CDPs their next phase of work.


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