2018 CDP Redesign: End project Cycle Community Exit Meeting


Dohar CDP (Community Development Project) is one of the GNB (Good Neighbors Bangladesh) project, selected for 2018 CDP Redesign [2nd phase]. They were starting their CDP Redesign work by End Project Evaluation from January 2018. 7 June 2018, they have completed their End Project Cycle Evaluation Exit meeting with the community. Main objectives of this meeting: CDP sector based officer shared their last 8 years’ activities achievement & how it helps to community development. Moreover, it was creating an opportunity to get feedback, suggestion, and recommendation for future planning of GNB and give thanks to the stakeholders for supporting in community development works of Meherpur CDP.

Feedback by community people:

  1. Md. Mamunur Rashid [Cooperative Audit and inspection Officer] said___ “This is good news for us that GNB is going to start their new journey by end previous activities. I think GNB is a people friendly organization and every activity are appreciable. We know maximum NGO work with Microcredit but GNB is very exceptional NGO. I worked in other district but I did not found any NGO like Good Neighbors. I thanks to GNB and request if possible to include our children father.”


  1. Mr. Sukumar Sannashi [Manager Proshika] said___ “I have been working at Dohar since 2004. From the beginning of Good Neighbors, I saw they were working for backward and privileged Children and mother. I think they doing good in development sector by their activities”
Mr. Sukumar Sannashi [Manager Proshika]
  1. Mr. Nasir Uddin [Govt Primary Head teacher] said___ “firstly, I thanks to Good Neighbors for arranging this program and inviting me. I have been with GNB from the beginning. I think neighbors are very exceptional NGO. They always try to support poor and needy children and mother of this area. I thanks to almighty of Allah for his future.
Mr. Nasir Uddin [Govt Primary Head teacher]
  1. Mr. Hindol Bari [Education Officer] said___ “I think good neighbors is a supporting organization. There are very similarities between Bangladesh govt activities and GNB activities. They work with child abuse, child marriage, child labor, awareness program, day observation, educational materials distribution etc. Maximum time I have seen GNB volunteers, teachers, children are always cheerful. They are very active, sincere and talent. They supported School bag, Tiffin box, Tiffin, Umbrella to Govt primary school to reduce drop out. A few days ago they provided Spots kits like.”
Mr. Hindol Bari [Education Officer]
  1. Mrs. Jahanara Begum [CMC Chairperson] said___ “Firstly, I give greeting to Good Neighbors with thanks for formed cooperative and IGG group. GNB gave us honor. In previous we could not have the confidence to say or making a decision but now we have enough confidence to talk and giving a decision in our family matters. GNB arranged training, workshop in a different district. I think this our great achievement.”
Mrs. Jahanara Begum, CMC Chairperson

Next course of action:

Dohar CDP started their CDP Redesign for better development in community level for next five years. Community Exit meeting gives a brought view to understanding previous work result and community needs. Exit meeting outcomes will be given more emphasis in next five years’ CDP planning. Community needs and expectations will be reflected in PPW (Project Planning Workbook), LogFrame & PPF (Project Planning Proposal). In addition, CDP will be done their baseline survey to set their target, to assess the progress towards the CDP goal and outcomes. After completing of redesign it will be helped CDPs their next


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