2018 CDP Redesign: End project Cycle Community Exit Meeting


Birganj CDP (Community Development Project) is one of the GNB (Good Neighbors Bangladesh) project, selected for 2018 CDP Redesign [2nd phase]. They were starting their CDP Redesign work by End Project Evaluation from January 2018. 12 June 2018, they have completed their End Project Cycle Evaluation Exit meeting with the community. Main objectives of this meeting: CDP sector based officer shared their last 5 years’ activities achievement & how it helps to community development. Moreover, it was creating an opportunity to get feedback, suggestion, and recommendation for future planning of GNB and give thanks to the stakeholders for supporting in community development works of Birganj CDP.

Feedback by community people:

  1. Afsana Mostary [Upazila Women Affairs Officer] ___suggests:
  • To form a Child Marriage Protection Committee in CDP working area and the committee will communicate with the Upozilla level Administrative body to strongly protect the Child Marriage. she shared her own mobile number-01715315067 to maintain communication with her regarding such incidents.
  • To increase more and widely arrange awareness program based on bad impact and code of conduct against Child Marriage.
  • To arrange Gift Campaign for 18th years, old
Ms. Afsana Mostary-Upazila Family Planning Officer Birganj
  1. Jakirul Islam [Upazila Family Planning Officer] ___suggests:
  • To Continue Health-related facilities for community people.
  • To send community people to Upazila health complex and union sub-center for treatment.
  • To take facility for increasing Institutional birth.
  • To ensure 100% ANC & PNC Checkup.
  • To collaborate with Govt. Health facilities.
Md. Jakirul Islam-Upazila Family Planning Officer-Birganj
  1. Shomser Ali [Asst. Teacher, Mahanpur-2 Govt. Primary School] __suggests:
  • To arrange Vocational Training for mother including non-ID so that every mother can increase their family income and it will help to release our child from child labor.
  1. Nazim Uddin [UFPO-Birganj, Dinajpur] ___suggests:
  • Considering needs of the community there is a poor number of a school teacher and the pass rate is not good enough. For this reason, Good Neighbors can raise their hand for starting dream school from one to ten.
  1. Jahangir Alom [Upazila Corporative Officer] ___ suggests:
  • To involve a non-sponsored mother with IG Activities
  • To cooperate with cooperative member and give a suggestion for investing their fund in profitable sectors for increasing cooperative capital.
Md. A.K.M Jahangir Alam-Upazila Cooperative Officer-Birganj
  1. Gopal Chandra Devsharma [Union Parishad Chairman] said___ “Good Neighbors Bangladesh brought a revolutionary change among our community people in respect of Education, Health, Economy, Advocacy and Social Awareness.”
Mr. Gopal Dev Shorma- UP Chairman

He requests to increase Good Neighbors Bangladesh activities for bringing sustainable development among community people.

Next course of action:

Birganj CDP started their CDP Redesign for better development in community level for next five years. Community Exit meeting gives a brought view to understanding previous work result and community needs. Exit meeting outcomes will be given more emphasis in next five years’ CDP planning. Community needs and expectations will be reflected in PPW (Project Planning Workbook), LogFrame & PPF (Project Planning Proposal). In addition, CDP will be done their baseline survey to set their target, to assess the progress towards the CDP goal and outcomes. After completing of redesign it will be helped CDPs their next


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