Sponsorship Service Supporters of Good Neighbors Bangladesh

Child Sponsorship Service:

All over the world children need help and a little contribution can generate the future that they deserve. Child sponsorship helps those underprivileged children to go a long way and ensure each child gets all basic necessities in their lifetime.

In child sponsorship service, one person (donor) can choose a child by their life touching story and each month, through this donation those children can get necessary nutrition, early childhood development, education, health and other important materials. This sponsorship will continue to make an impact on those children’s development and also in his or her family conditions.

Background of GNB Sponsorship Service (SS):

Good Neighbors Bangladesh is a child-focused organization. Working through 14 CDPs in rural Bangladesh, GNB has been working relentlessly on improving the conditions of the deprived child since its early implementation. As a child-centered organization, GNB is currently sponsoring 19716 (2018) underprivileged children in both rural and urban areas of 14 CDPs and contributed deliberately to improve the lives of these children.

In the child sponsorship program, SS officers are responsible and being recruited for maintaining the Sponsoring Service activities in 14 CDPs. After getting the donation from the donor, sometimes it’s hard to utilize the money properly due to the additional SS officers, proper community understanding, proper geographical knowledge, a proper understanding of the community needs, community engagement, proper use of administrative cost, inadequate experiences and proper community participation.

As a result, a sponsor child cannot get full support from their donation and these create the lacking of proper nutrition, education and child development throughout their lifetime.

Introduction to community resources (SS Supporter):

Background of GNB’s Community Based Organization (CBOs)

 As a child-centered organization, GNB is operating 14 CDPs in overall Bangladesh where seven own funded schools, 439 dream schools are providing full educational support to the underprivileged children. Additionally, through community development committee (CDC), dream school teachers, adult literacy facilitators, loan administrators, School Management Committees (SMC), child councils, youth councils, youth volunteers and Income Generation facilitators (IG), GNB works for the child protection and child well-being, and also for their family’s economic upbringing.

GNB SS supporters

For making the youth more active, productive and empowered, in 2016, GNB engaged SS supporters in the project activities. Through this program, youth can find social acceptance, involve more in community engagement, become more responsible about their role, prepared them as a skilled resource and this development can make them as a responsible citizen of the country.

SS Supporter system was started for maintaining effective community participation and a good relationship between donor & sponsored children and their family. The first condition to be an SS Supporter is to be a youth of GNB’s working area. So that, they can easily move to a child’s house and collect all related information.

Advantages of SS supporter system:

From 2016 to till now SS Supporter working collaboratively with one SS Officer (GNB Regular Staff). Each supporter appointed for 250 sponsor children, report on their progress and has all the accountability regarding their roles.  Those as following:

  • Through the regular home visit, helps to collect necessary information of the beneficiary children and aware of different circumstances
  • Fill up child intake form
  • Assist in annual child letter (ACL), Annual progress report (APR)
  • Do regular contact & keep a good relationship with the beneficiaries and side by side motivate beneficiary children in their studies
  • Keep close observation on the possibility of child marriage or child labor. In case of any incident, immediately inform the Office.
  • Submit a weekly report, collect authorized signature & work according to the weekly
  • Purchase gifts & distribute gifts at a child’s house
  • Maintain an individual file of every Child
  • Raise awareness against child labor & child marriage in the community level.

The introduction of the SS supporter system has improved the community ownership of GNB’s child rights program. It also reduced the administrative burden that has made way for more and more support for the sponsored children in the target community.

SS supporters follow up and linkage:

  • Supporters are being evaluated by an assessment form
  • To increase their expertise and skills on Sponsorship support activities, they attend Induction workshop and ACL & APR workshop.
  • From these activities, supporters get job experience, official experience and prepare them as a skilled person in their job life
  • Supporters get more social/community acceptance and make them a trained and skilled person in their lifetime.

The principle of SS supporter system:

  • One SS Supporter will get an appointment for a maximum of one year. In any situation, it will not be more than two years.
  • Now, depending on the performance, SS supporters can work further with GNB.
  • GNB has sole right to cancel SS Supporter’s appointment.
  • One SS Supporter will be responsible for 250 children but in a special case with prior permission of the Operational Department, this number can be less.

CDP wise SS supporters’ chart (as in July 2018):


CDP/FDPs # of sponsor children # of SS supporter
Dhaka Mirpur 979 4
Dhaka Gulshan 830 4
Sirajganj Sirajganj 2072 9
Tangail Ghatail 1171 5
Tangail Shakhipur 1213 5
Meherpur Meherpur 893+28 4
Moulvibazar Moulvibazar 1415 0
Thakurgoan Pirganj 1927 8
Dhaka Dohar 1176+46 5
Jaipurhat Kalai 1462 6
Nilphamari Nilphamari 1613 7
Dinajpur Bochaganj 1483 5
Dinajpur Birganj 1441 6
Sirajganj Nalka 1947 8
  Total 19716


Future Direction:

SS supporter works for the well-being of a child. By involving the community, SS supporter works as a caregiver and assist to develop a strong and important relationship with the donor and child through annual letters, birthday cards, and photos. They contribute directly in the community to create an impact on the education, healthcare, nutrition, and safety of children which will forward as the first steps of the job preparedness.

To strengthening and simplifying the activity of SS supporter, GNB is focusing on developing their capacity by giving different skill base training on various socio-development parts. Through this, they might contribute to local income generation activities.


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