GNB CDP Redesign

PAP event- Making of Social MAP with huge community participation

What is CDP Redesign?

The ‘Redesign’ of a project or Community Development Project (CDP) becomes necessary when a CDP completes its 5 years of the project cycle. Generally, five major stages of the project cycle mainly considered to redesign the project are: identification, preparation, appraisal, implementation, and evaluation.

The CDP Redesign of GNB is creating an opportunity for the community people to participate directly in this activity and through this GNB gets feedback, suggestion, and recommendation for the future planning. It creates a scope for the CDP Managers to share their last years’ achievements and moreover, the reason for the community development.

PAP event- Time clock making with engagement of community people

Why GNB needs CDP Redesign?

GNB has 14 Community Development Projects (CDPs) that had completed their 5-year project period and is needed to be redesigned for evaluating their works and future development through community participation. To ensure Results-Based Management (RBM) and better outcomes from GNB’s interventions for community development, it has become dire need to re-evaluate its current activities and design the projects again to ensure the best outputs and contribute in sustainable community development by achieving SDGs.

Evaluation meeting of external resource person with CDP staffs

GNB’s CDP Redesign:

GNB’s CDP Redesign starts from End Project Cycle Evaluation, then through Participatory Appraisal Process (PAP) the project identification and need assessment is carried out; followed by the writing of Project Planning Workbook (PPW) & Project Planning Form (PPF). The PPF includes Logical Framework, Stakeholder Analysis, Lessons Learnt and other findings that help to start the project for setting the activities/ program for the particular CDP with new/ specific focus and needed intervention proposed by the beneficiary community people themselves.

1st Phase of CDP Redesign

 GNB’s 1st phase of CDP Redesign had finished in 2017 with Baseline Survey of 5 CDPs- Mirpur, Gulshan, Sirajganj, Ghatail, Shakhipur CDP. Those CDPs had found their main strength and focused activities through the redesign.

2nd phase of CDP Redesign

 In February 2018, Good Neighbors Bangladesh has started their 2nd phase of CDP Redesign including 7 CDPs- Meherpur, Moulvibazar, Dohar, Kalai, Pirganj, Bochaganj, Birganj, Pirganj CDP under Design Monitoring and Evaluation (DME) Team of Planning and Coordination Department. The remaining 2 CDPs- Nilphamari and Nalka CDP will be redesign in the 3rd phase in 2019.

End Project Cycle Evaluation meeting with community

2nd phase of CDP Redesign is started with 5 principles– Evidence, Result bound, Alignment, Participation, and Root Cause.  With 7 major components (End project Evaluation, Training on Redesign, Introducing DME tools, CDP Redesign, Presentation of PPF, Baseline Survey, Reflection in 2019 PoA). The CDP Redesign is now ongoing. As per CDP Redesign schedule; 4 major components are finished by 7 CDPs and others are ongoing. 7 CDPs successfully have completed their End Project Evaluation by the external evaluator with the community & stakeholders’ participation. Each CDPs has arranged End Project Cycle Meeting in the CDP premise. Total 549 Community people from 7 CDPs attended the meetings with the joy. 14 CDPs have finished their sectoral LogFrame by arranging a workshop on 2019 POA. 7 CDPs will finalize their PAP & PPW work by month of Aug 2018 with community people participation. Completing PPF, the 7 CDPs will be prepared for the Baseline survey; which will be done by an external evaluator thus CDPs can set their target for the next five years. 5 CDPs have completed their baseline survey and set the target for the next Five years. 2017 and 2018 CDP redesign reflection will be reflected in 2019 POA. 14 CDPs already Prepared their LogFrame for 2019 POA.

Task Force Team (TFT) meeting at head office on progress sharing

To monitor and supervise the process of CDP Redesign closely, The Planning and Coordination Department has formed a Task Force Team (TFT) where the 13 members [7 CDP Managers, IG Team Leader, DME Team Leader, 2 DME Officers, Department Director and Managing Director] are committed for a stupendous CDP Redesign. From the beginning to till now there have been 3 TFT meetings arranged at the Head Office where CDP managers have shared their progress on CDP Redesign tasks.

Findings sharing with Community

Completed tasks status:

  Completed components CDP redesign Milestones   Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug
1 End project Evaluation i)Research and documentation                  
ii)End Project Cycle Meeting                  
iii) Final Report                  
2 Training on Redesign Necessary steps/ facilitation                  
3 Introducing DME tools Formats & quality standards                  
4 CDP Redesign i)Participatory Appraisal Process [PAP]

ii) LogFrame


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